What the Facades of Wilanów Tell Us

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What the Facades of Wilanów Tell Us
Athor: Mariusz Karpowicz

This dissertation was written in the first half of the 1960s and was first published in 1970. I believe, however, that it deserves to be recalled in view of the constantly recurring new interpretations of the decoration of Wilanów Palace, which resemble findings from half a century ago.  We thus present the Reader once again with all that which can be deciphered on the facades with seventeenth-century iconography textbooks at hand. During the Sobieski era art was, first and foremost, the carrier of contents. This particular domain was devoid of haphazardness, and everything possessed a symbolic significance that the twentieth-century observer is unable to comprehend. One can, however, resort to iconography textbooks from the past, explaining the manner in which such contents were ciphered as well as the meaning of assorted strange objects and figures. We shall see that Wilanów was conceived as a Palace of Masculine Dignity and Feminine Allure.

Publisher: Wilanow Palace Museum 
Publication date: 2011
Paperback:  72 pages
Dimensions: 21x27,5 cm

Type: Paperback
ISBN 97-83-60959-38-1

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