The Toilet Set of Queen Maria Kazimiera

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The Toilet Set of Queen Maria Kazimiera
Author: Anna Kwiatkowska

“The Toilet Set of Queen Maria Kazimiera”, publication from “200 years of the Wilanów Museum” series, is different from other volumes. Its aim is to turn our Readers’ attention to a set which, including only five objects, is a small one; but its value as Wilanów’s historical relic is beyond measure. It is a sumptuously decorated toilet set comprising a mirror and four caskets. Following tradition, it is believed to have belonged to the queen of Poland, Maria Kazimiera de La Grange d’Arquien (1641-1716), known by the diminutive Marysieńka, the wife of King Jan III Sobieski.

Publisher: Wilanow Palace Museum 
Publication date: 2013
Paperback: 121 pages
Dimensions: 13x20,5 cm

Type: Hardback
ISBN 788363580-12-4

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