The Early Modern Villa

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The Early Modern Villa. Senses and Perceptions versus Materiality
Edited by Barbara Arciszewska

I.The Villa as a Realm of Senses
Medici Villas as an Expression of New Way of Life and Perception, Sabine Frommel
Venaria Reale: Fountains of the Five Senses in the "Roman" Villa of Dukes of Savoy (1659), Paolo Cornaglia
Between the Inside Outside- Between Retreat and Delight. The Transition Spacee of the Portuguese Early Modern Villa, Joao Vieira Caldas and Ana Rita Goncalves
Architecture of the Five Senses: Manor House in the Douro in the Eighteenth Century, Ana  Celeste Gloria 
The Admiral, his Villa and the Smell of Gunpowder, Sea and Glory, Konrad Ottenheym and Tatjana Van Run
Il delizioso ritiro of Johann Adam von Questenberg, Martina Frank
Eisenstadt Palaca under Prince Paul Esterhazy I: Creating a Feast for the Senses, Margit Kopp

II.The Villa: Senses and Sensiblility
Playing with Objects: Engaging the Senses in the Villa Collections of Rome, Lisa Beaven
Running from Water: Giochi d'acqua and Sense of Touch, Davis R. Marshall
The Role of the Senses in the Early Modern Italien Garden, Karin Esmann Knudsen
The Villa Kratochvile in Bohemia: Imagery, Senses and Meaning in Vilem of Rozmberk's Aristocratic Hunting Lodge, Ondej Jakubec
Trifles of Perspective and Rhetoric of Illusion. The Sensual Response to Pictures in the English Country House and its Discontents, Jacek Jaźwierski

III. The Villa Senses and Difference
Delighting the Five Senses in "Pegasus's Plain". Suburban Gardens to the North-East of Brussels in the Early Modern Period, Krista de Jonge
Politics, Pleasure and Sensuality in the Seventeenth-Century Villa in Poland-Lithuania, Franciszek Skibiński
Villegiatura alla Polacca- A Historian's Perspective, Wojciech Tygielski
Sensations, Sensuality and Voluptuousness: Materialism and Petites Maisons in Enlightenment France, Marine Ganofsky
Serfdom and Spectacle at Kuskovo and Ostankino, Alexandra Helprin
The Villa in Colonial India: Major General Claude Martin's Villa Estates in Eighteenth-Century Avadhian Lucknow, Jyoti Pandey Sharma

Publisher: Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów
Publication date: 2017
Paperback: 246 pages
Dimensions: 24,5x30,5 cm

Type: Hardback
ISBN 978-8363580-8401

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