The Collection of Silverware

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The Collection of Silverware
Author: Joanna Paprocka-Gajek

Another publication from the 200 years of the Wilanów Muzeum publishing series, presents a historical collection of Wilanów silver and post-war acquisitions of goldsmith art. The core of the collection consists of, among others table and toilet silver, originating from excellent French workshops from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, complemented by equally interesting products from the workshops of Gdansk, Lviv and Warsaw masters. Today's unique products delight with the precision of workmanship, sophisticated form, decoration. It is worth emphasizing that these items were mostly made for special orders from the owners of the palace, which testifies to the wealth of the family, as well as the excellent taste, plastic sensitivity and care for maintaining a high standard of living.

Publisher: Wilanow Palace Museum 
Publication date: 2013
Paperback:  149 pages
Dimensions: 13x20,5 cm
Type: Hardback
ISBN 978-83-63580-06-3 

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