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Primus inter pares. The First among Equals - the story of King Jan III

This book was prepared by the Wilanow Palace Museum on the occasion of the temporary exhibition "Primus inter pares", marking the 330th anniversary of the Victory of Vienna. The purpose of the exhibition, even if the date indicates otherwise, is not presenting the military triumphs of King Jan III, but attempt to showcase his multifaceted personality, based mainly on the contents of the original decorations of Wilanow Palace.
We are pleased to offer the reader a collection of twenty-six essays grouped into five thematic sections, forming a panoramic survey of this well-known, but invariably inspiring hero- the first among equals, Jan III, a figure well inscribed in the background of his times.

Publisher: Wilanow Palace Museum 
Publication date: 2013
Paperback:  251 pages
Dimensions: 21x27,5 cm

Type: Paperback
ISBN 978-83-63580-21-6

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