Conservation of the masonry of an 18th-century granary belonging to the Museum of King Jan III`s Palace at Wilanów - EBOOK

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Conservation of the masonry of an 18th-century granary belonging to the Museum of King Jan III`s Palace  at Wilanów. Actor-Network Theory (ANT) as a tool aiding the conservation process - EBOOK

Author: Wojciech Bagiński


The book is an extensive review of a doctoral dissertation defended in 2019 at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts’ Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art. Relating to the fact that monument conservation is a discipline born more than two-hundred years ago, the author searches for answers to questions on the condition of the monument conservator’s profession in the modern world, which, owing to the increasingly deep interconnections between the human and the technological, electronic, digital, and natural, casts doubt before our very eyes on the essence of the subject-object duality that defines modernity. To this end, the author confronts the conceptual model elucidated by the French sociologist and philosopher Bruno Latour, in particular the theses expounded in his widely discussed book We Have Never Been Modern, with his own reflections on the conservation process. He argues that since the human-artefact duality may in fact be a problematic one, the way we think about caring for historical property and about the relationship between conservators and the artefacts they tend to must also be put to revision. It is just such a revision that the book attempts to enact. The author’s deliberations hinge on case studies like the French Revolution’s meteoric precipitation of what we understand as French national heritage, the preventive care process afforded to the collection of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów, and the conservatorial intervention carries out on the titular granary. 


Format: ebook (MOBI, EPUB)

Publisher: Muzeum Pałacu Króla Jana III w Wilanowie
Publication date: 2021
ISBN 978-83-66104-69-3

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