Extraordinary Exhibits and Fascination Curios

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Extraordinary Exhibits and Fascinating Curios
Author: Barbara Szelegejd

Another English-language version of the '200 years of the Wilanów Museum' series is an unusual book because the objects described in it are extraordinary. Almost every museum collection, apart from rare and recognized works of art of the highest artistic quality, also contains products acquired by former owners mainly for practical purposes, to provide them with a well-organized and comfortable life. Although most of these everyday things are not devoid of  artistry, the function they once performed is more important , although deciphering the way they are used after many years is not easy at times. You can find out for yourself by trying to guess only on the basis of photographs the original use of the numerous exhibits listed here.
200 years of the Wilanów Museum
Publisher: Wilanow Palace Museum 
Publication date: 2012
Paperback:  164 pages
Dimensions: 13x20,5 cm

Type: Hardback
ISBN 978-83-60959-81-7

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