European Ceramics

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European Ceramics. Gallery of Decorative Art
Author:  Barbara Szelegejd

The first English-language position in the 200 year collection of the Wilanów Museum, presenting briefly the history of the Wilanów collection of ceramics. Selected examples of this kind of decorative art, created from fifteenth to the 2nd half. Nineteenth century, was compiled in the order of starting production of a given material in Europe. Each of the groups of objects was preceded by a synthetic characteristic of the material:faience, stoneware of the Rhine and the Rhine type, stoneware, porcelain, delicate faience and biscuit. The exhibits used in the publishing house in the future will be exhibited in a permanent gallery of artistic crafts in the Palace of the Museum un Wilanów.

200 years of the Wilanów Museum
Publisher: Wilanow Palace Museum 
Publication date: 2012
Paperback:  152 pages
Dimensions: 13x20,5 cm

Type: Hardback
ISBN 978-83-60192-16-0

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